#MustRead New Health Basic: Digital-Media Literacy via @ExperienceLife

PILAR GERASIMO · DECEMBER 2014 Founding editor, Pilar Gerasimo, discusses why media literacy matters to health seekers. When we think about “health basics,” we think about things like diet, exercise, and washing our hands after we sneeze. Needless to say, there’s a bit more to it than that. Yes, nutrition, activity, and hygiene matter hugely. But so do stress, mental and emotional patterns, socio-economic and environmental factors, cultural norms, and a great deal more. Which is why Experience Life has always covered such a diverse range of topics (as evidenced by our “Game Changers”). One often-overlooked subject that we’ve taken … Continue reading #MustRead New Health Basic: Digital-Media Literacy via @ExperienceLife

#AlignedValue #ReadingList Rebuilding Empires @ByTomLee // How @BestBuy & @Target Digitally Transformed // #CEO #MustRead #DBConf

  Growing up in MN during the MTV era of the 1980s, I was an avid customer of Best Buy and Target.  I experienced the full life cycle of their respective transformations first hand – and read all about it in the @startribune (the Business section was called the “Marketplace” back then).  It was a pleasure to see the story come to life with new information only an insider like @ByTomLee could provide.  Hats-off to Tom for compiling such an extensive set of sources from diverse perspectives; and writing in a truly entertaining style.  Bravo!   I will be sharing a detailed review and personal experiences in … Continue reading #AlignedValue #ReadingList Rebuilding Empires @ByTomLee // How @BestBuy & @Target Digitally Transformed // #CEO #MustRead #DBConf

[VIDEO] Businessroundtable.org (@BizRoundtable) @SquawkCNBC #CEO Interview Recap

Video via CNBC.com.  Hosts: @JoeSquawk, @BeckyQuick, and @AndrewRSorkin. Pictured: Steve Schwarzman of Blackstone. “AT&T CEO: US tax code noncompetitive“: Randall Stephenson, AT&T chairman & CEO, discusses his outlook on the economy and why lawmakers need to implement tax reform. “This will drive economic growth: AT&T CEO“: Randall Stephenson, AT&T chairman & CEO, explains how a broken U.S. tax code and regulations are blocking job growth in America. “AT&T CEO: Old rules inappropriate for Internet“: Randall Stephenson, AT&T chairman & CEO, discusses net neutrality and regulation of the Internet.” “Need broad-based immigration reform: MSI CEO“: Greg Brown, Motorola Solutions CEO, shares his thoughts on … Continue reading [VIDEO] Businessroundtable.org (@BizRoundtable) @SquawkCNBC #CEO Interview Recap