#AlignedValue: How to put #HumanCapital squarely on the #CEO’s Agenda // Is it time to blow up #HR? @adiman

In the July/August edition of Harvard Business Review, Adi Ignatius and the HBR editorial team challenged HR leaders to “blow up” HR and build something new. That’s a bold assertion.  And it’s raising the eyebrows of even the most progressive HR thought leaders.  HBR’s Rethinking Human Resources SPOTLIGHT prompts forward-looking CEOs, CFOs, and CHROs to ask: Is our workforce consistently realizing its economic potential? Have we fully accounted for the importance of people in our strategy? Is HR playing a lead role on our executive leadership team? Are our HR programs achieving higher levels of corporate performance? Opportunities borne from Overlooked Problems … Continue reading #AlignedValue: How to put #HumanCapital squarely on the #CEO’s Agenda // Is it time to blow up #HR? @adiman

#AlignedValue: Why aren’t more #CEO, #CFO, #Csuite leaders achieving their objectives?

According to McKinsey: – Nearly 50 percent of top executives did not earn support for their ideas when moving into C-suite roles. – More than 33 percent of C-suite executives have not met their objectives during their tenures.  Results from a McKinsey Insights online survey conducted in July 2014.  n = 1, 195 global c-level respondents (1) When McKinsey consultants Rajiv Chandran, Hortense de la Boutetiere, and Carolyn Dewar asked C-level respondents asked what factors contributed to success or failure, organization-wide alignment was considered ‘critical’.  Misalignment is a silent killer of C-suite objectives. Not surprisingly, the same top executives consider organizational culture the hardest area to understand … Continue reading #AlignedValue: Why aren’t more #CEO, #CFO, #Csuite leaders achieving their objectives?

#CEO Lie Detector: Putting your candor where your mouth is = #AlignedValue

New approaches to financial analysis measures executive evasion and candor to gauge a company’s outlook. Did you know… Audiogram software can assess tonal inflections, volume, and other vocal indicators to infer executive confidence or stress. Forensic Accountants and Fund Managers are using this technology right now to assess the credibility of CEO and CFO commentary during earnings calls. Executive judgement can play a bigger role in company valuations, profit and loss statements, and forecasts than data. According to Jason Voss, Content Director at the CFA Institute, “Data is an outcome, but people create the data.”  Mr. Voss helps train analysts and … Continue reading #CEO Lie Detector: Putting your candor where your mouth is = #AlignedValue