#AlignedValue: How to put #HumanCapital squarely on the #CEO’s Agenda // Is it time to blow up #HR? @adiman

In the July/August edition of Harvard Business Review, Adi Ignatius and the HBR editorial team challenged HR leaders to “blow up” HR and build something new. That’s a bold assertion.  And it’s raising the eyebrows of even the most progressive HR thought leaders.  HBR’s Rethinking Human Resources SPOTLIGHT prompts forward-looking CEOs, CFOs, and CHROs to ask: Is our workforce consistently realizing its economic potential? Have we fully accounted for the importance of people in our strategy? Is HR playing a lead role on our executive leadership team? Are our HR programs achieving higher levels of corporate performance? Opportunities borne from Overlooked Problems … Continue reading #AlignedValue: How to put #HumanCapital squarely on the #CEO’s Agenda // Is it time to blow up #HR? @adiman

#AlignedValue: Why aren’t more #CEO, #CFO, #Csuite leaders achieving their objectives?

According to McKinsey: – Nearly 50 percent of top executives did not earn support for their ideas when moving into C-suite roles. – More than 33 percent of C-suite executives have not met their objectives during their tenures.  Results from a McKinsey Insights online survey conducted in July 2014.  n = 1, 195 global c-level respondents (1) When McKinsey consultants Rajiv Chandran, Hortense de la Boutetiere, and Carolyn Dewar asked C-level respondents asked what factors contributed to success or failure, organization-wide alignment was considered ‘critical’.  Misalignment is a silent killer of C-suite objectives. Not surprisingly, the same top executives consider organizational culture the hardest area to understand … Continue reading #AlignedValue: Why aren’t more #CEO, #CFO, #Csuite leaders achieving their objectives?

#CEO Larry Fink @Blackrock on Short-Termism’s Relationship with #EnduringProsperity

Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock, recently shared his perspective on “short-termism” as a key threat to prosperity; and suggested solutions to turn-the-tide.  Below, I expand upon Larry’s remarks posted April 2015 on McKinsey’s Insight blog. Long-Term Goals for Prosperity The basis of Larry’s argument is the United States has not realized, or has under-realized, certain long-term economic goals that are beneficial for enduring prosperity.  Essentially, the United States is leaving bigger opportunities on the table while myopically focused on a short-term outcomes.  In Larry’s perspective, key long-term goals for enduring prosperity include: 1. Educational opportunities 2. A reasonable level of healthcare 3. Secure retirement 4. … Continue reading #CEO Larry Fink @Blackrock on Short-Termism’s Relationship with #EnduringProsperity