Westonka Joins #HourOfCode @codeorg // Hats-off to @thewestonkaedge @GrandviewMS @FemriteM

Hats-off to the Westonka School District for teaching kids the #STEM skills necessary to become smart, creative innovators.  STEM skills are the foundation of #EnduringProsperity for the state Minnesota and the United States of America.  A special thanks are due to Mark Femrite for advocating the integration of STEM programs into elementary, middle school, and high school curriculum. Westonka Public Schools – 12-12-14 Westonka Students Join ‘Hour of Code’ President Barack Obama kicked off the 2014 Hour of Code campaign earlier this week by writing his first line of JavaScript. Hour of Code is a global effort coinciding with Computer Science Education … Continue reading Westonka Joins #HourOfCode @codeorg // Hats-off to @thewestonkaedge @GrandviewMS @FemriteM

#AlignedValue #ReadingList Rebuilding Empires @ByTomLee // How @BestBuy & @Target Digitally Transformed // #CEO #MustRead #DBConf

  Growing up in MN during the MTV era of the 1980s, I was an avid customer of Best Buy and Target.  I experienced the full life cycle of their respective transformations first hand – and read all about it in the @startribune (the Business section was called the “Marketplace” back then).  It was a pleasure to see the story come to life with new information only an insider like @ByTomLee could provide.  Hats-off to Tom for compiling such an extensive set of sources from diverse perspectives; and writing in a truly entertaining style.  Bravo!   I will be sharing a detailed review and personal experiences in … Continue reading #AlignedValue #ReadingList Rebuilding Empires @ByTomLee // How @BestBuy & @Target Digitally Transformed // #CEO #MustRead #DBConf