Why I didn’t buy an #AppleWatch // @seemacnbc #Fitness #TechSexy #BlogChat 

Edit  After shopping the Apple Watch on apple.com, I quickly concluded 3 things: 1. A watch is a very personal accessory.  Let’s face it: As much as it tells time or monitors fitness data, it makes a statement about you. 2. I was unsure how the Apple Watch would look on my wrist. 3. I better visit the friendly team at the Apple Store, try one on, and learn more about it. On Saturday, April 18 I visited the Apple Store at Ridgedale mall in Minnetonka, MN, made an appointment to try one on, and went through a demo of … Continue reading Why I didn’t buy an #AppleWatch // @seemacnbc #Fitness #TechSexy #BlogChat 

Under Armour’s Fitness App Acquisitions Spotlights #WearableTech Competition #MandA #CEO #CFO

There’s an overabundance of mobile fitness apps all trying to carve out market share.  It’s getting fiercely competitive. The question is: Which app will become a pervasive part of the mobile fitness ecosystem?  And who will go out with a whimper? Open for comments and opinions… …via ChiefExecutive.net | Chief Executive magazine In early February, Under Armour, maker of performance footwear, apparel and accessories, announced it would acquire two fitness apps for $560 million. The move would give UA a ready-made foothold in the digital world with 120 million members. This acquisition speaks volumes about the way technology is becoming pervasive among … Continue reading Under Armour’s Fitness App Acquisitions Spotlights #WearableTech Competition #MandA #CEO #CFO