The Road to Omaha // Follow the #BerkshireHathaway #BRK50 Experience on #AlignedValue


Celebrating 50 Years

At a board meeting in early May of 1965, Buffett Partnership Ltd. formally took control of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.  At the time the company was a northern textile manufacturer – an industry that had been in steep decline for some years.  Today, May of 2015, we Berkshire Hathaway is celebrating 50 years of what has turned out to be a fun adventure for Warren and Charlie, and a profitable adventure for Berkshire’s shareholder-partners.  

Starting Friday, May 1st

Follow along as I digitally share the experience of the 50th Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting live from Omaha, Nebraska.

I’ll be posting authentic and impromptu moments with my son Andrew (Drew, age 11).  This year marks not only the 50th meeting, but Andrew’s first trip to Omaha.  And he’s already set his sights on a seat on the Berkshire Board and a NetJets card.  Shrewd goals from an ambitious 5th grader…the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Drew and I will be reflecting on lessons guaranteed to inspire future generations of investors and business leaders; and maybe cause chuckle or two.  Stop back and check out:

* The Road Trip.  See photos, videos, and oddities only found in the heart of the Midwest.  You’ll see some of the most interesting, funny, and beautiful parts of Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska…without spending 7 hours in the car.

* Real People, Places, & Deals.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I’ll be capturing #MustMeet, #MustSee, #MustEat, and #HeckuvaDeal experiences and posting them on #AlignedValue (right here).

* Notable Wisdom, Humor, & Quotes from Uncle Warren and Charlie.  Just when you thought you’ve heard and read it all, they make more.  

* Moments from the Shareholder Meeting, Events, and Exhibits.  See what’s happening in the CenturyLink Center, particularly the presentation, Q&A, and exhibits.  Sorry – I won’t be taking photos and videos in the auditorium, unless Uncle Warren surprises us by changing the rules this year to be more “digitally accommodative”.  Nothing beats the first-hand experience.

* Shareholder Reference Materials.  For execs, analysts, quants, accountants, fund managers, and the strategically inclined – I’ll be incorporating relevant (a) shareholder materials and (b) third party opinions, analysis, and commentary.  I enjoy immersive educational experiences; and want to share the best of what I find with you.

Pass it on!

If you laughed or learned something along the way, share it.


If you have an opinion, leave a comment.  I’m interested in what you think.



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