Management #Innovation is a platform for #AlignedValue // Why isn’t there more of it?

A response to: Is There a Stanford-Google-Silicon Valley School of Management?

My grandfather Dennis Hunter loved to proclaim: “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

He was an Englishman from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK. That’s a completely different continent – and more than 5000 miles from Silicon Valley. Throughout history many individuals, societies, and firms have learned to adapt and thrive using the same fundamental principle.

Commerce, environment, and business problems inevitably evolve. Until evolution stops (and I am not betting on that), management will evolve too.

I respect Silicon Valley’s heritage for challenging management norms, breaking convention, and inventing new methods that inspire the creation of revolutionary products and services. There is a certainly a culture, philosophy, and management style that has been fostered in Silicon Valley… and the results are legendary.

The success of companies such as HP, Google, Apple – among many others – demonstrate that:

  1. Attracting, developing, and retaining bright people
  2. Developing a culture of creativity and adaptability
  3. Removing unnecessary governance
  4. Designing nimble team structures
  5. Aligning rewards with business strategy

…can create unprecedented value for customers, investors, employees, and ecosystem partners.

The influence of these new approaches has already redefined management– and built upon the innovations Alfred Sloan gave us. But the new management methods were not exclusively born in Silicon Valley. Forward-thinking leaders around the globe have been developing, applying, and extending very similar – if not the same – management methods so famously associated with Silicon Valley.

Our reality is: there are still a lot of big problems to solve. And it’s exciting to think: What new management ideas, theories, and methods will *we* create to transform our companies and solve them?

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