Westonka Joins #HourOfCode @codeorg // Hats-off to @thewestonkaedge @GrandviewMS @FemriteM


Hats-off to the Westonka School District for teaching kids the #STEM skills necessary to become smart, creative innovators.  STEM skills are the foundation of #EnduringProsperity for the state Minnesota and the United States of America.  A special thanks are due to Mark Femrite for advocating the integration of STEM programs into elementary, middle school, and high school curriculum.

Westonka Public Schools – 12-12-14 Westonka Students Join ‘Hour of Code’

President Barack Obama kicked off the 2014 Hour of Code campaign earlier this week by writing his first line of JavaScript. Hour of Code is a global effort coinciding with Computer Science Education Week to get kids involved in coding. Students in the Westonka School District joined the effort Dec. 8-12 by participating in activities from the organization’s website, Code.org.According to Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning Mark Femrite, computer coding and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) instruction and activities are being integrated at all levels in Westonka Schools—from the primary schools to the high school. “We are intentional about integrating coding and other engineering concepts into the elementary program in preparation for more challenging learning opportunities involving engineering, coding and computer science at the middle school and high school levels,” Femrite explained.At Grandview Middle School, fifth-grade STEM students had fun with online Hour of Code activities this week that walked them through basic coding. In one activity, students made Elsa from the movie Frozen move from one point to another across the screen. Another coding challenge featured characters from the game Angry Birds.“The students are super intuitive,” Grandview STEM teacher Sarah Swedlund explained. “Some of them knew what to do right away, without any explanation.”
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Pictured: Madelyn Elliott, Grandview Middle School 5th Grader

Source: Mound Westonka Public Schools – http://westonka.k12.mn.us/modules/cms/pages.phtml?pageid=321390

Photo Credit: Sarah Swedlund

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